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clothing brand visual identity
Clothing Brand Assets

Clothing Brand - Web Design and Visual Identity

A design system for a fair fashion clothing brand including visual identity, different merchandise and packaging, and a web presence. The clothing is produced using citrus fiber.

Therefore, the lemon is part of the logo and an instantly recognizable identification for the brand. The fine line icons representing the slices of citrus fruit show the modern and clean yet versatile approach of the brand and its clothing. The choice of typeface shows the feminine, dynamic aspect of the brand’s target group. The colors embody the materials and the theme of nature, as well as the purity of morals that is being conveyed through the brand’s ethos.

The brand’s online presence carries on with the same theme of color and typeface, adding a cleaner, more legible font for the web. The layout of the website is designed intuitively, putting the upcoming brand’s mission in the foreground to set themselves apart from others and offering an all-around brand experience throughout all visuals, icons, etc.

App Anima One
App Anima Two

Anima - App Design

Anima is an app which focuses on meditation, affirmations and spiritual growth. It offers its users an experience and routine personalized to their specific interests and needs. To ensure the best possible user experience, Anima starts its onboarding with a 15-step quiz that establishes the user’s profile. 

One of the app’s offered services is different types of audio content. The audio player and app screens leading up to the audio content are designed to offer and present all options in an intuitive way, optimizing the user experience.  

Sommerfest - Event Flyer

Colorful and fun design of a flyer for a community event for children and families. Using vector illustration with a free-hand feel and handwritten text to transport the atmosphere of the event onto paper. Tying all elements of the layout together through a limited selection of colors and shapes.

Picture Book
Picture Book

Ich will auch Kuchen essen! - Picture Book

A 28-page long children’s picture book made up of illustrations made in Procreate and self-written text. The illustrations focus on creating a cozy feel using warm, fun colors and various, interesting textures.

This story follows a young boy struggling with food. His wish to live an easier life becomes true, and the number of safe foods expands. Typical situations and conflicts of the eating disorder ARFID – avoidant restrictive food intake disorder – are being presented, creating empathy and awareness for the affected children and families. Their reality finds expression in this 26 page long illustrated story, which is suitable for children and designed to be a conversation starter about the disorder.

The main character is feeling uncomfortable and unhappy with the restrictions he experiences with food. The impact ARFID has on his social life starts to frustrate him, and he desires a change. After not being able to eat the birthday cake at one of his friend’s party, him and his parents make a plan for change and seek professional help. With time, the boy is able to experiment with food and find new, safe fun with eating. At the end, he shares his own birthday cake with all his friends and is proud of how far he has come.

In order to explain the background of the disorder, the behavior and fear of food that comes with it, the story features a symbolic character. It combines all the psychological functions behind ARFID for explanatory purposes, making it understandable
and appropriate for a child audience.
This character is called the protector and functions as the main character’s side-kick, accompanying him on his journey toward a healthier and easier life.

Garden Event - Four Fold Brochure

Brochure for the event of a botanical garden, visually supporting the information for each attraction with a hand-drawn illustration. Very limited color palette to give a modern feel in contrast to the illustrations and historic, cultural background of the garden.


Non-fiction Book - Layout

Editorial concept for an informative book combining typography and photography. Master layouts for different types of needed pages like main title, title pages, content page, galleries and different text layouts depending on the number of images.


Children's ABCs - Illustrated Poster

Educational poster for young children presenting each letter of the alphabet with a corresponding fruit.

Cards One
Cards Two

Team it! - Card Deck

A card game created to stregthen team bonding and improve team dynamics in a fun and playful way. Team it! – a card game designed to be played in flexible and casual way. Using simple illustrations and prompts to inspire actions and introspection, bringing team members closer.

Each card shows an initiating illustration, aiming to inspire action and shape a first impression of the card. The title and text provide the actual prompt of the exercise in addition to further information or ideas for playing. The cards are divided into six categories: Is this right?, Feels familiar?, Get into it, Solve it and Get creative. Their variety allows an interesting and exciting game to take place.


Taste Tallinn - Poster and Ticket

Complementing poster and ticket design for a fictional food convention. Neutral color palette with green, warm accents embracing the green influence of this year’s edition of the event.   

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