Aline Weitemeyer
Hallo! Hello! Wemee Design Aline Weitemeyer

I’m Aline Weitemeyer, a German illustrator and graphic designer, based in Hamburg.

Currently, I am working as part of a in-house marketing agency of a company in Hamburg, Germany. Here I am contributing to and creating the visual identity of our brand as the independent graphic designer. I also work as a freelancer on bigger design projects or commissions for illustration.

I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Design (Gestaltung) from the HAWK University of Applied Sciences and art in Hildesheim, Germany. During my studies, I focused on the different elements of graphic design like typography, layout, prepress, branding and retouching/editing of various types of media.

Within the thesis for my Bachelor’s degree, I created a children’s picture book surrounding the topics of the eating disorder ARFID. For more information on that project specifically, you can visit this page for Ich will auch Kuchen essen!.

Web design
Through work experience I learned using with different types of CMS’ in order to create and maintain different types of websites. Working in the e-commerce field, I gained knowledge of creating designs, preparing the content to go online and also preparing the files for the production of the final product.

Graphic design
I have enjoyed focusing on branding and visual identities. I have had the opportunity to experience applying the corporate design of companies to many forms of assets in print and web, designing new content within the given rules. Doing so I have created final art works ready for print production, digital templates and graphic material to be used by others. 

I am currently open for new projects and creative opportunities, so please contact me at if interested.

Also, feel free to check out and follow my work on my social media linked down below.

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